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Bring back rectangle selection in a form of a highlighter

Marco Eulalio requested to merge marcoe/zathura:feature-highlighter into develop

This MR aims to bring back the rectangle selection in a form of a highlighter that can be drawn while holding the left mouse button and Ctrl simultaneously. Unlike the previous rectangle selection, it is not meant to select text to copy, but to offer a persistent highlighted region until the user clicks somewhere and clears it.

The use cases for this feature are discussed in issue #346 (closed) and partially in #302 and #281 (closed).


  • The Ctrl key is not configurable (decision to use Ctrl instead of Shift or any other key is that it is the most consistent with other programs that implement similar functionality, e.g. the Alacritty terminal)

closes #346 (closed) closes #281 (closed)

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