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Clean up cairo error handling

Marco Eulalio requested to merge marcoe/zathura:cleanup-cairo into develop

Some of the code was comparing the return value of functions like cairo_create() and cairo_surface_create() against NULL which is not correct. As per the documentation of cairo_create():

(...) This function never returns NULL. If memory cannot be allocated, a special cairo_t object will be returned on which cairo_status() returns CAIRO_STATUS_NO_MEMORY. (...)

This MR aims to make error checking consistent upon calls to native cairo functions. Do note however, that some of the code in Zathura relies on setting cairo_surface_t objects to NULL. E.g. cb_menu_image_copy() calls zathura_page_image_get_cairo() which calls into the plugin function (pdf_)page_image_get_cairo() which returns NULL in its error path. There is no memory leak because plugins correctly deallocate memory in their error paths, but this behavior might be error-prone due to these inconsistencies in error handling between cairo and Zathura.

Anyway, now that all the code that creates cairos and surfaces uses cairo_*status() functions new code should tend to do the same.

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