Commit 62843b4b authored by Ankur Sinha (Ankur Sinha Gmail)'s avatar Ankur Sinha (Ankur Sinha Gmail)

[DOC] Add `forward` and `backward` to arglist

These are used in `jumplist`.

Fixes #83
parent f9adb25f
......@@ -244,7 +244,8 @@ The following shortcut functions can be mapped:
* ``jumplist``
Move forwards/backwards in the jumplist.
Move forwards/backwards in the jumplist. Pass ``forward`` as argument to
move to the next entry and ``backward`` to move to the previous one.
* ``navigate``
......@@ -333,12 +334,14 @@ Possible arguments are:
* best-fit
* bottom
* backward
* collapse
* collapse-all
* default
* down
* expand
* expand-all
* forward
* full-down
* full-up
* half-down
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