Commit 07fbbd51 authored by Sebastian Ramacher's avatar Sebastian Ramacher

Lock the render thread while searching.

This is a temporary workaround because of issues in the poppler plugin. We
really need to introduce locking in the poppler plugin and remove the render
locks agains.

Closes: #253
parent 753a9f17
......@@ -363,7 +363,10 @@ cmd_search(girara_session_t* session, const char* input, girara_argument_t* argu
GtkWidget* page_widget = zathura_page_get_widget(zathura, page);
g_object_set(page_widget, "draw-links", FALSE, NULL);
girara_list_t* result = zathura_page_search_text(page, input, &error);
if (result == NULL || girara_list_size(result) == 0) {
g_object_set(page_widget, "search-results", NULL, NULL);
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