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Minor improvements

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......@@ -967,6 +967,9 @@ zathura
* printing
* bookmarks and history
The strict sandbox mode is still experimental with some libc implementations.
Currently supported and tested libc implementations: glibc
No feature regressions are expected when using normal sandbox mode.
When running under WSL, the default is "none" since seccomp is not supported in
......@@ -106,13 +106,16 @@ seccomp_enable_basic_filter(void)
* In case this basic filter is actually triggered, print a clear error message to report this
* The syscalls here should never be executed by an unprivileged process
* */
girara_debug("Using a basic seccomp filter to blacklist privileged system calls! \
Errors reporting 'bad system call' may be an indicator of compromise");
/* applying filter... */
if (seccomp_load(ctx) >= 0) {
/* free ctx after the filter has been loaded into the kernel */
......@@ -227,7 +230,7 @@ seccomp_enable_strict_filter(zathura_t* zathura)
ALLOW_RULE(umask); /* required by X11 */
/* ALLOW_RULE(umask); allowed for X11 only below */
......@@ -253,6 +256,7 @@ seccomp_enable_strict_filter(zathura_t* zathura)
else {
girara_debug("On Wayland, blocking X11 syscalls");
......@@ -315,8 +319,6 @@ seccomp_enable_strict_filter(zathura_t* zathura)
* mkdir: needed for first run only to create /run/user/UID/dconf (before seccomp init)
* wait4: required to attempt opening links (which is then blocked)
* X11 environments require umask and socket syscalls after sandbox setup
* no longer supported since X11 cannot be easily secured anyway
* TODO: prevent dbus socket connection before sandbox init - by checking the sandbox settings in zathurarc
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