Commit d1c522c3 authored by Sebastian Ramacher's avatar Sebastian Ramacher

Merge branch 'master' into 'develop'

Add fish completion

See merge request pwmt/zathura!19
parents 487383c8 16c5f2f7
# Complete custom suffix based on libraries installed
function __fish_complete_zathura
for plugin in @PLUGINDIR@/*.so
switch (basename $plugin)
__fish_complete_suffix .pdf
__fish_complete_suffix .pdf
__fish_complete_suffix .epub
__fish_complete_suffix .oxps
__fish_complete_suffix .ps
__fish_complete_suffix .eps
__fish_complete_suffix .epsi
__fish_complete_suffix .epsf
__fish_complete_suffix .djvu
__fish_complete_suffix .djv
__fish_complete_suffix .cb7
__fish_complete_suffix .cbr
__fish_complete_suffix .cbz
__fish_complete_suffix .cbt
__fish_complete_suffix .rar
__fish_complete_suffix .zip
__fish_complete_suffix .7z
__fish_complete_suffix .tar
complete -c zathura -x -a '(__fish_complete_zathura)'
complete -c zathura -s e -l reparent -d 'Reparents to window specified by xid'
complete -c zathura -s c -l config-dir -d 'Path to config directory' \
-x -a '(__fish_complete_directories (commandline -ct) "Config directory")'
complete -c zathura -s d -l data-dir -d 'Path to data directory' \
-x -a '(__fish_complete_directories (commandline -ct) "Data directory")'
complete -c zathura -l cache-dir -d 'Path to cache directory' \
-x -a '(__fish_complete_directories (commandline -ct) "Cache directory")'
complete -c zathura -s p -l plugins-dir -d 'Path to plugins directory' \
-x -a '(__fish_complete_directories (commandline -ct) "Plugins directory")'
complete -c zathura -s w -l password -d 'Document password'
complete -c zathura -s P -l page -d 'Page number to go to'
complete -c zathura -s l -l log-level -d 'Log level' -x -a 'debug info warning error'
complete -c zathura -s x -l synctex-editor-command -d 'Synctex editor (forwarded to the synctex command)' -x
complete -c zathura -l synctex-forward -d 'Move to given synctex position' -x
complete -c zathura -l synctex-pid -d 'Highlight position in given process' -x -a '(__fish_complete_pids)'
complete -c zathura -l mode -d 'Start in a non-default mode' -x -a 'presentation fullscreen'
complete -c zathura -l fork -d 'Fork into the background'
complete -c zathura -s h -l help -d 'Show help options'
complete -c zathura -s v -l version -d 'Print version information'
......@@ -64,6 +64,12 @@ zsh_completion = configure_file(
output: '_zathura',
configuration: conf_data
fish_completion = configure_file(
input: '',
output: '',
configuration: conf_data
install_data(bash_completion, install_dir: join_paths(datadir, 'bash-completion', 'completions'))
install_data(zsh_completion, install_dir: join_paths(datadir, 'zsh', 'vendor-completions'))
install_data(fish_completion, install_dir: join_paths(datadir, 'fish', 'completions'))
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