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# See LICENSE file for license and copyright information
# zathura make config
VERSION = 0.0.8
# paths
PREFIX ?= /usr
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ Reload the document
Change goto mode (L: search labels, D: default, O: manual offset)
.B ^i
Invert the colors of the page
Recolors the page
.B i
Change to insert mode
......@@ -225,4 +225,5 @@ change and adjust all the settings of zathura according to your wishes.
In addition you can create a zathurarc file (default path: ~/.config/zathura/zathurarc)
to overwrite settings and keybindings by using the set and map function. For
more information please check the faq on the website:
more information please check the faq on the website:
......@@ -1409,8 +1409,6 @@ read_configuration_file(const char* rcfile)
cmd_set(length - 1, tokens + 1);
else if(!strcmp(tokens[0], "map"))
cmd_map(length - 1, tokens + 1);
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