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Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

parents 90796b5b f1626187
......@@ -80,9 +80,9 @@ zathura_page_widget_class_init(ZathuraPageClass* class)
GtkWidgetClass* widget_class = GTK_WIDGET_CLASS(class);
widget_class->draw = zathura_page_widget_draw;
widget_class->expose_event = zathura_page_widget_expose;
widget_class->size_allocate = zathura_page_widget_size_allocate;
widget_class->button_press_event = cb_zathura_page_widget_button_press_event;
widget_class->button_release_event = cb_zathura_page_widget_button_release_event;
......@@ -128,6 +128,7 @@ zathura_page_widget_init(ZathuraPage* widget)
priv->images = NULL;
priv->images_got = false;
priv->current_image = NULL;
priv->last_view = g_get_real_time();
/* we want mouse events */
......@@ -494,12 +494,26 @@ Defines the opacity of a highlighted element
The page padding defines the gap in pixels between each rendered page and can
not be changed during runtime.
The page padding defines the gap in pixels between each rendered page.
* Value-type: Integer
* Default value: 1
Pages that are not visible get unloaded after some time. Every page that has not
been visible for page-store-treshold seconds will be unloaded.
* Value-type: Integer
* Default value: 30
Defines the amount of seconds between the check to unload invisible pages.
* Value-type: Integer
* Default value: 30
Defines the number of pages that are rendered next to each other in a row.
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