Commit 824843a9 authored by Benoît Knecht's avatar Benoît Knecht Committed by Sebastian Ramacher
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Correct misspellings of the word "synctex"

Both in the documentation and in function names, "synctex" was sometimes
spelled "syntex" or "syntec".
Signed-off-by: Sebastian Ramacher's avatarSebastian Ramacher <>
parent 8047332b
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ main(int argc, char* argv[])
/* Enable/Disable synctex support */
zathura_set_syntex(zathura, synctex);
zathura_set_synctex(zathura, synctex);
/* Print version */
if (print_version == true) {
......@@ -48,10 +48,10 @@ OPTIONS
Set log debug level (debug, info, warning, error)
-s, --synctex
Enable syntex support
Enable synctex support
-x [cmd], --syntec-editor-command [cmd]
Set the syntex editor command
-x [cmd], --synctex-editor-command [cmd]
Set the synctex editor command
......@@ -397,7 +397,7 @@ zathura_set_synctex_editor_command(zathura_t* zathura, const char* command)
zathura_set_syntex(zathura_t* zathura, bool value)
zathura_set_synctex(zathura_t* zathura, bool value)
g_return_if_fail(zathura != NULL);
g_return_if_fail(zathura->ui.session != NULL);
......@@ -210,12 +210,12 @@ void zathura_set_plugin_dir(zathura_t* zathura, const char* dir);
void zathura_set_synctex_editor_command(zathura_t* zathura, const char* command);
* En/Disable zathuras syntex support
* En/Disable zathuras synctex support
* @param zathura The zathura session
* @param value The value
void zathura_set_syntex(zathura_t* zathura, bool value);
void zathura_set_synctex(zathura_t* zathura, bool value);
* Sets the program parameters
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