Commit 5fa4b890 authored by Jeremie Knuesel's avatar Jeremie Knuesel

HiDPI: watch GtkWidget scale-factor property

The scale-factor property is more specific than the GDK configure event
and is the recommended way to watch for scale factor changes.
parent b5d0b28b
......@@ -216,11 +216,11 @@ cb_refresh_view(GtkWidget* GIRARA_UNUSED(view), gpointer data)
cb_window_configure(GtkWidget* widget, GdkEventConfigure* UNUSED(configure), zathura_t* zathura)
cb_scale_factor(GtkWidget* widget, GParamSpec* UNUSED(pspec), zathura_t* zathura)
if (widget == NULL || zathura == NULL || zathura->document == NULL) {
return false;
int new_factor = gtk_widget_get_scale_factor(widget);
......@@ -230,12 +230,11 @@ cb_window_configure(GtkWidget* widget, GdkEventConfigure* UNUSED(configure), zat
zathura_document_get_device_scale(zathura->document, &current_x, &current_y);
if (new_factor != current_x || new_factor != current_y) {
zathura_document_set_device_scale(zathura->document, new_factor, new_factor);
zathura_document_set_device_scale(zathura->document, new_factor,
girara_debug("New device scale: %d", new_factor);
return false;
......@@ -80,19 +80,16 @@ void cb_view_vadjustment_changed(GtkAdjustment *adjustment, gpointer data);
void cb_refresh_view(GtkWidget* view, gpointer data);
* This function gets called when the main window is reconfigured, i.e. when
* its size, position or stacking order has changed, or when the device scale
* factor has changed (e.g. when moving from a regular to a HiDPI screen).
* This function gets called when the view widget scale factor changes (e.g.
* when moving from a regular to a HiDPI screen).
* It checks if the device scale factor has changed and if yes, records the new
* value and triggers a re-rendering of the document.
* It records the new value and triggers a re-rendering of the document.
* @param widget The main window GtkWidget
* @param configure The GDK configure event
* @param widget The view widget
* @param pspec The GParamSpec for the scale-factor property
* @param zathura The zathura instance
gboolean cb_window_configure(GtkWidget* widget, GdkEventConfigure* configure,
zathura_t* zathura);
void cb_scale_factor(GtkWidget* widget, GParamSpec *pspec, zathura_t* zathura);
* This function gets called when the value of the "pages-per-row"
......@@ -153,8 +153,8 @@ init_ui(zathura_t* zathura)
g_signal_connect(G_OBJECT(zathura->ui.session->gtk.view), "refresh-view",
G_CALLBACK(cb_refresh_view), zathura);
g_signal_connect(G_OBJECT(zathura->ui.session->gtk.window), "configure-event",
G_CALLBACK(cb_window_configure), zathura);
"notify::scale-factor", G_CALLBACK(cb_scale_factor), zathura);
/* page view */
zathura->ui.page_widget = gtk_grid_new();
......@@ -959,6 +959,10 @@ document_open(zathura_t* zathura, const char* path, const char* uri, const char*
const unsigned int view_height = (unsigned int)floor(gtk_adjustment_get_page_size(vadjustment));
zathura_document_set_viewport_height(zathura->document, view_height);
/* get initial device scale */
int device_scale = gtk_widget_get_scale_factor(zathura->ui.session->gtk.view);
zathura_document_set_device_scale(zathura->document, device_scale, device_scale);
/* create blank pages */
zathura->pages = calloc(number_of_pages, sizeof(GtkWidget*));
if (zathura->pages == NULL) {
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