Commit 53deb6d1 authored by Sebastian Ramacher's avatar Sebastian Ramacher

add AUTHORS file

parent 98755c7c
zathura is written by:
Moritz Lipp <>
Sebastian Ramacher <>
Other contributors are (in alphabetical order):
Pavel Borzenkov <>
Ivan Sichmann Freitas <>
int3 <>
karottenreibe <>
Johannes Meng Johannes Meng <>
...@@ -78,14 +78,17 @@ tests: ${OBJECTS} ...@@ -78,14 +78,17 @@ tests: ${OBJECTS}
dist: clean dist: clean
$(QUIET)mkdir -p ${PROJECT}-${VERSION} $(QUIET)mkdir -p ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}
$(QUIET)cp -R LICENSE Makefile README Doxyfile \ $(QUIET)mkdir -p ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}/tests
${PROJECT}.1.rst ${PROJECT}rc.5.rst ${SOURCE} ${HEADER} ${PROJECT} tests \ $(QUIET)cp LICENSE Makefile README AUTHORS Doxyfile \
${PROJECT}.1.rst ${PROJECT}rc.5.rst ${SOURCE} ${HEADER} ${PROJECT} \
$(QUIET)cp Makefile tests/*.c \
$(QUIET)gzip ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}.tar $(QUIET)gzip ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}.tar
doc: clean doc:
$(QUIET)doxygen Doxyfile $(QUIET)doxygen Doxyfile
gcov: clean gcov: clean
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