Commit 39afe6e7 authored by Abdó Roig-Maranges's avatar Abdó Roig-Maranges Committed by Sebastian Ramacher

Added incremental-search config parameter

The incremental-search config parameter enables / disables the incremental
search.  I've set it disabled by default, as in large files it may become
unresponsive for some time.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSebastian Ramacher <>
parent b24bfb38
......@@ -91,6 +91,20 @@ cb_nohlsearch_changed(girara_session_t* session, const char* UNUSED(name),
static void
cb_incsearch_changed(girara_session_t* session, const char* UNUSED(name),
girara_setting_type_t UNUSED(type), void* value, void* UNUSED(data))
g_return_if_fail(value != NULL);
g_return_if_fail(session != NULL);
g_return_if_fail(session-> != NULL);
bool inc_search = *(bool*) value;
girara_special_command_add(session, '/', cmd_search, inc_search, FORWARD, NULL);
girara_special_command_add(session, '?', cmd_search, inc_search, BACKWARD, NULL);
config_load_default(zathura_t* zathura)
......@@ -101,6 +115,7 @@ config_load_default(zathura_t* zathura)
int int_value = 0;
float float_value = 0;
bool bool_value = false;
bool inc_search = false;
girara_session_t* gsession = zathura->ui.session;
/* mode settings */
......@@ -174,6 +189,8 @@ config_load_default(zathura_t* zathura)
girara_setting_add(gsession, "open-first-page", &bool_value, BOOLEAN, false, _("Always open on first page"), NULL, NULL);
bool_value = false;
girara_setting_add(gsession, "nohlsearch", &bool_value, BOOLEAN, false, _("Highlight search results"), cb_nohlsearch_changed, NULL);
inc_search = false;
girara_setting_add(gsession, "incremental-search", &inc_search, BOOLEAN, false, _("Enable incremental search"), cb_incsearch_changed, NULL);
bool_value = true;
girara_setting_add(gsession, "abort-clear-search", &bool_value, BOOLEAN, false, _("Clear search results on abort"), NULL, NULL);
bool_value = false;
......@@ -333,8 +350,8 @@ config_load_default(zathura_t* zathura)
girara_inputbar_command_add(gsession, "hlsearch", NULL, cmd_hlsearch, NULL, _("Highlight current search results"));
girara_inputbar_command_add(gsession, "version", NULL, cmd_version, NULL, _("Show version information"));
girara_special_command_add(gsession, '/', cmd_search, true, FORWARD, NULL);
girara_special_command_add(gsession, '?', cmd_search, true, BACKWARD, NULL);
girara_special_command_add(gsession, '/', cmd_search, inc_search, FORWARD, NULL);
girara_special_command_add(gsession, '?', cmd_search, inc_search, BACKWARD, NULL);
/* add shortcut mappings */
girara_shortcut_mapping_add(gsession, "abort", sc_abort);
......@@ -490,6 +490,13 @@ Defines if the number of pages per row should be honored when advancing a page.
* Value type: Boolean
* Default value: false
En/Disables incremental search (search while typing).
* Value type: Boolean
* Default value: false
Defines the color that is used for highlighting parts of the document (e.g.:
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