Commit 2acd67c1 authored by Moritz Lipp's avatar Moritz Lipp
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Finish surface before calling destroy

parent cbb22739
......@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ config_load_default(zathura_t* zathura)
girara_setting_add(gsession, "zoom-min", &int_value, INT, false, _("Zoom minimum"), NULL, NULL);
int_value = 1000;
girara_setting_add(gsession, "zoom-max", &int_value, INT, false, _("Zoom maximum"), NULL, NULL);
int_value = 5;
int_value = 20;
girara_setting_add(gsession, "page-store-threshold", &int_value, INT, false, _("Life time (in seconds) of a hidden page"), NULL, NULL);
girara_setting_add(gsession, "page-store-interval", &int_value, INT, true, _("Amount of seconds between each cache purge"), NULL, NULL);
......@@ -483,6 +483,7 @@ zathura_page_widget_update_surface(ZathuraPage* widget, cairo_surface_t* surface
zathura_page_widget_private_t* priv = ZATHURA_PAGE_GET_PRIVATE(widget);
if (priv->surface != NULL) {
priv->surface = surface;
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