Commit 25e88a11 authored by Lingzhu Xiang's avatar Lingzhu Xiang
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Penalize large render jobs during zooming

All but the last jobs during zooming are aborted, so let smaller
jobs go faster.
parent 757f3d82
......@@ -458,7 +458,10 @@ zathura_page_widget_draw(GtkWidget* widget, cairo_t* cairo)
cairo_set_operator(cairo, CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE);
zathura_render_request(priv->render_request, g_get_real_time());
/* All but the last jobs requested here are aborted during zooming.
* Processing and aborting smaller jobs first improves responsiveness. */
const gint64 penalty = pwidth * pheight;
zathura_render_request(priv->render_request, g_get_real_time() + penalty);
return FALSE;
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