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......@@ -8,7 +8,25 @@ pass the arguments to *synctex view*'s *-i* option to zathura via
*--syntex-forward* and zathura will pass the information to the correct
For gvim forward and backwards synchronization support can be set up as follows:
First add the following to the vim configuration:
function! Synctex()
execute "silent !zathura --synctex-forward " . line('.') . ":" . col('.') . ":" . bufname('%') . " " . g:syncpdf
map <C-enter> :call Synctex()<cr>
Then launch *zathura* with
zathura -x "gvim --servername vim -c \"let g:syncpdf='$1'\" --remote +%{line} %{input}" $file
Some editors support zathura as viewer out of the box:
* LaTeXTools for SublimeText
* LaTeX for Atom (
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