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zathura - a document viewer
zathura is a highly customizable and functional document viewer based on the
girara user interface library and several document libraries.
meson (>= 0.43)
gtk3 (>= 3.10)
glib (>= 2.50)
girara (>= 0.2.8)
sqlite3 (optional, >= 3.5.9)
check (for tests)
check (optional, for tests)
libmagic from file(1) (optional, for mime-type detection)
libsynctex from TeXLive (optional, for SyncTeX support)
......@@ -18,42 +21,28 @@ doxygen (optional, for HTML documentation)
breathe (optional, for HTML documentation)
sphinx_rtd_theme (optional, for HTML documentation)
Please note that you need to have a working pkg-config installation and that the
Makefile is only compatible with GNU make. If you don't have a working
pkg-config installation please set the GTK_INC, GTK_LIB, GIRARA_INC, GIRARA_LIB,
SQLITE_INC and SQLITE_LIB variables accordingly.
Also note that Sphinx is needed to build the manpages. If it is not
installed, the man pages won't be built. For the HTML documentation, doxygen,
breathe and sphinx_rtd_theme are needed in addition to Sphinx.
If you don't want to build with support for sqlite databases, you can set
WITH_SQLITE=0 and sqlite support won't be available.
enable-sqlite=off and sqlite support won't be available.
The use of magic to detect mime types is optional and can be disabled by setting
If you pass these flags as a command line argument to make, you have to ensure
to pass the same flags when executing the install target.
If you want to build zathura's HTML documentation, please install all python
dependencies from the ./doc/requirements.txt file and run:
make doc
To build and install zathura:
make install
To delete zathura from your system, just type:
To build and install zathura:
make uninstall
meson build
cd build
ninja install
Please report bugs at or contact us on our mailing list at
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