Commit 09d2ee09 authored by Moritz Lipp's avatar Moritz Lipp
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Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

parents 9f1a3c6c d94c6a9c
......@@ -159,6 +159,7 @@ cc_bookmarks(girara_session_t* session, const char* input)
const size_t input_length = input ? strlen(input) : 0;
girara_list_sort(zathura->bookmarks.bookmarks, (girara_compare_function_t) g_strcmp0);
GIRARA_LIST_FOREACH(zathura->bookmarks.bookmarks, zathura_bookmark_t*, iter, bookmark)
if (input_length <= strlen(bookmark->id) && !strncmp(input, bookmark->id, input_length)) {
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