Commit 0720525f authored by Lukas K.'s avatar Lukas K.

fix smooth zooming calculations

parent 78205781
......@@ -1395,8 +1395,8 @@ sc_zoom(girara_session_t* session, girara_argument_t* argument, girara_event_t*
} else if (argument->n == ZOOM_SMOOTH) {
const double dy = (event != NULL) ? event->y : 1.0;
girara_debug("Increasing zoom by %0.2f.", zoom_step * dy - 1.0);
zathura_document_set_zoom(zathura->document, old_zoom + zoom_step * dy);
girara_debug("Increasing zoom by %0.2f.", pow(zoom_step, -dy) - 1.0);
zathura_document_set_zoom(zathura->document, old_zoom * pow(zoom_step, -dy));
} else {
girara_debug("Setting zoom to 1.");
zathura_document_set_zoom(zathura->document, 1.0);
  • Not sure if it's related to this, but after zooming (especially when holding the zoom button) it now takes a very long time before text becomes sharp again, especially so relative to the stable version of zathura. Using mupdf as backend, btw.

  • mentioned in issue #115 (closed)

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