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    Bookmark the exact position, not just the page number (along with a number of fixes). · ae59da30
    Marwan Tanager authored and Sebastian Ramacher's avatar Sebastian Ramacher committed
    This patch adds some enhancements/fixes to the bookmarking feature of Zathura:
        - Bookmark the exact vertical and horizontal adjustments values, along with
          the page number. This is done in a backward-compatible way for both the
          plain and sqlite database backends, so that bookmarks that was taken
          previously (bookmarking only the page number) will still work as expected
          and won't be lost.
        - Fix the issue of not being able to remove bookmarks from the plain
          database; removing a bookmark in plain_remove_bookmark using
          g_key_file_remove_key corrupts the bookmarks file.  This is due to not
          truncating the entire bookmarks file in zathura_db_write_key_file_to_file
          prior to overriding it with a new one not containing the removed line.
          This is why, I guess, plain_remove_bookmark hadn't been implemented as
          expected using g_key_file_remove_key, because apparently, someone thought
          that the problem is caused by this API.
        - Fix not being able to update existing bookmarks persistently; updating a
          bookmark works only during the current session, but after the file is
          closed and reopened, the updated bookmark still has it's old value. This
          is due to changing only the bookmark structure in memory; the proper way
          to do it, is to call zathura_db_remove_bookmark on the old bookmark, then
          follow that by a call to zathura_db_add_bookmark on a bookmark structure
          containing the new position and the same old ID.
        - Make zathura_bookmark_add updates the bookmark if it already exists,
          rather than doing this externally in cmd_bookmark_create. This allows us
          to have all the relevant girara_notify messages in cmd_bookmark_create.
    Signed-off-by: Sebastian Ramacher's avatarSebastian Ramacher <sebastian+dev@ramacher.at>