Commit 956772a0 authored by Leonardo Taccari's avatar Leonardo Taccari Committed by Sebastian Ramacher

Adjust the name of libjbig2dec library (no `lib' prefix needed)

cc.find_library() just check if a library exists by linking it via
`-l<libname>', no `lib' prefix is needed when calling it.
parent 99d1e3b6
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ build_dependencies = [
if get_option('link-external')
libjpeg = dependency('libjpeg')
libjbig2dec = cc.find_library('libjbig2dec')
libjbig2dec = cc.find_library('jbig2dec')
libopenjp2 = dependency('libopenjp2')
build_dependencies += [
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