Commit 43587cf7 authored by Sebastian Ramacher's avatar Sebastian Ramacher

Re-arrange dependencies

parent 6fb73c45
......@@ -11,12 +11,25 @@ enhance the user interface that is used by zathura.
meson (>= 0.47)
glib (>= 2.50)
gtk3 (>= 3.20)
libnotify (optional, for notification support)
json-c (optional, for configuration dumping support)
The following dependencies are required:
* gtk3 (>= 3.20)
* glib (>= 2.50)
The following dependencies are optional:
* libnotify: notification support
* json-c: configuration dumping support
For building girara, the following dependencies are also required:
* meson (>= 0.48)
* gettext
The following dependencies are optional build-time only dependencies:
* check: for tests
* doxygen: HTML documentation
To disable the optional support for libnotify and json-c, configure the build
system with -Dnotify=disabled or -Djson=disabled.
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