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Start documenting shortcut functions in more detail

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......@@ -206,35 +206,103 @@ Shortcut functions
The following shortcut functions can be mapped:
* ``abort``
Switch back to normal mode.
* ``adjust_window``
Adjust page width. Possible arguments are ``best-fit`` and ``width``.
* ``change_mode``
Change current mode. Pass the desired mode as argument.
* ``display_link``:
Display link target.
* ``focus_inputbar``
Focus inputbar.
* ``follow``
Follow a link.
* ``goto``
Go to a certain page.
* ``jumplist``
Move forwards/backwards in the jumplist.
* ``navigate``
Navigate to the next/previous page.
* ``navigate_index``
Navigate through the index.
* ``print``
Show the print dialog.
* ``quit``
Quit zathura.
* ``recolor``
Recolor pages.
* ``reload``
Reload the document.
* ``rotate``
Rotate the page. Pass ``rotate-ccw`` as argument for counterclockwise rotation
and ``rotate-cw`` for clockwise rotation.
* ``scroll``
* ``search``
Search next/previous item. Pass ``forward`` as argument to search for the next
hit and ``backward`` to search for the previous hit.
* ``set``
Set an option.
* ``toggle_fullscreen``
Toggle fullscreen.
* ``toggle_index``
Show or hide index.
* ``toggle_inputbar``
Show or hide inputbar.
* ``toggle_page_mode``
Toggle between one and multiple pages per row.
* ``toggle_statusbar``
Show or hide statusbar.
* ``zoom``
Function Description
abort Switch back to normal mode
adjust_window Adjust page width
change_mode Change current mode
display_link Display link target
focus_inputbar Focus inputbar
follow Follow a link
goto Go to a certain page
jumplist Move forwards/backwards in the jumplist
navigate Navigate to the next/previous page
navigate_index Navigate through the index
print Show the print dialog
quit Quit zathura
recolor Recolor the pages
reload Reload the document
rotate Rotate the page
scroll Scroll
search Search next/previous item
set Set an option
toggle_fullscreen Toggle fullscreen
toggle_index Show or hide index
toggle_inputbar Show or hide inputbar
toggle_page_mode Toggle between one and multiple pages per row
toggle_statusbar Show or hide statusbar
zoom Zoom in or out
Zoom in or out.
Pass arguments
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