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Initial commit

LIBS = gtk+-2.0 poppler poppler-glib
FLAGS = `pkg-config --cflags --libs $(LIBS)`
SOURCE = zathura.c
TARGET = zathura
all: $(TARGET)
$(TARGET): zathura.c config.h
gcc $(FLAGS) -Wall -o $(TARGET) $(SOURCE)
rm -f $(TARGET)
debug: $(TARGET)
gcc $(FLAGS) -Wall -o $(TARGET) $(SOURCE) -g
valgrind: debug $(TARGET)
valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=yes --show-reachable=yes ./${TARGET}
install: all
@echo installing executeable to /usr/bin
@mkdir -p /usr/bin
@cp -f ${TARGET} /usr/bin
@chmod 755 /usr/bin/${TARGET}
@echo removing executeable from /usr/bin
@rm -f /usr/bin/${TARGET}
zathura - pdf viewer
zathura is an pdf viewer based on the poppler pdf rendering library
poppler (0.10.7-2)
poppler-glib (0.10.7-1)
gtk2 (2.16.5-1)
You can modify some parts of zathura by editing the config.h file
Customise config.h according to your wishes and run the following
command to build and install zathura:
make install
To delete zathura from your system, just type:
make uninstall
Use zathura
Just run:
zathura <file>
static const float zoom_step = 0.1;
static const float scroll_step = 40;
static const char font[] = "monospace normal 9";
static const char default_bgcolor[] = "#141414";
static const char default_fgcolor[] = "#CCCCCC";
static const char inputbar_bgcolor[] = "#141414";
static const char inputbar_fgcolor[] = "#9FBC00";
static const char inputbar_wn_fgcolor[] = "#CCCCCC";
static const char inputbar_wn_bgcolor[] = "#B82121";
static const char completion_fgcolor[] = "#CCCCCC";
static const char completion_bgcolor[] = "#232323";
static const char completion_hl_fgcolor[] = "#232323";
static const char completion_hl_bgcolor[] = "#9FBC00";
Shortcut shortcuts[] = {
// mask, key, function, argument
{0, GDK_colon, sc_focus_inputbar, { .data = ":" } },
{0, GDK_o, sc_focus_inputbar, { .data = ":open " } },
{GDK_CONTROL_MASK, GDK_q, sc_quit, {0} },
Command commands[] = {
// command, function
{"o", cmd_open},
{"open", cmd_open},
{"q", cmd_quit},
{"quit", cmd_quit},
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