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    add functions to compute page positions · 030a8c65
    Abdo Roig-Maranges authored
    The plan is to put in adjustment.c every piece of code that has to do
    with document positioning, either computing it from data on the document
    side, or talking to GTK.
    We want to have at our disposal functions to compute sizes and positions
    without having to ask for it to a GTK widget. The new functions are:
     - move page_calc_height_width to adjustment.c
     - add page_calc_position that rotates a position relative to a page
       according to the rotation settings.
     - add position_to_page_number that computes the number of a page
       sitting at a given position (given in document-relative coordinates)
     - add page_number_to_position that computes the position (in document
       relative coordinates) that will be placed at the center of the viewport.
     - add page_is_visible that checks whether the given page intersects the
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