Commit 7e11599c authored by Sebastian Ramacher's avatar Sebastian Ramacher

Use g_spawn_async instead

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Ramacher's avatarSebastian Ramacher <>
parent 1216e524
......@@ -70,20 +70,20 @@ girara_xdg_open(const char* uri)
return false;
GString* command = g_string_new("xdg-open ");
char* tmp = g_shell_quote(uri);
g_string_append(command, tmp);
/* g_spawn_async expects char** */
char* argv[] = { g_strdup("xdg-open"), g_strdup(uri), NULL };
GError* error = NULL;
bool res = g_spawn_command_line_async(command->str, &error);
const bool res = g_spawn_async(NULL, argv, NULL, G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH, NULL,
NULL, NULL, &error);
if (error != NULL) {
girara_warning("Failed to execute command: %s", error->message);
g_string_free(command, TRUE);
return res;
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